Hello Friends!

-I am the youngest old person you will ever meet. I look incredibly young on the outside, but most of the time I feel (and act) like a little old lady.

-Ewoks are my spirit animal.

-Corny Dad jokes are my favorites. "I had a a dream last night I was a muffler. I woke up exhausted!"

-I am terrible at pronouncing words. It drives Lex (my handsome husband and second shooter) crazy.

-My obsession with Harry Potter and Superman is unmatched. (Wands may or may not be found…next to my Superman Under Armor football gloves).

- If I could eat french fries and Asian food every day for the rest of my life, I would.

-I am the kind of person who checks the stove a million times to make sure I turned it off before leaving the house. Admittedly I am the WORST at cooking. But my intentions are good.

-Elderly people in cute jumpsuits make me tear up without fail.

-Determined isn't a strong enough word for me, when I want to achieve something I make it a reality.

-I was born a brunette but always meant to be a redhead.

-Don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of my Superman amor Harry Potter tattoos on my arm! Like I said, I am a HUGE fan of both.

About my business!

I was pretty much born with a camera in my hand. I have always loved documenting my life so it was just a natural transition to document others. I remember my first real camera was this beautiful purple kodak my parents gave me for my 8th birthday. It was to replace all the disposable cameras I was going through prior to that. I absolutely LOVED it. I still have a box of photos from that first roll of film. Mostly photos of my dolls at the park or my sibling’s hula hooping. My subjects have changed a little since then but my passion for photography hasn’t.

My first paid shoot was for my best friend when we were in high school. Her mom gave me $50 to take her senior photos and I was in heaven. The editing on them makes me cringe but thankfully she stills models for me! I then went on to major in photography. I also got a minor in graphic design as well as taught myself video. It’s amazing how much my business has grown since my senior year of high school to now. I offer both photo and video and I’ve built a team to join me at weddings including my husband and brother. Which I love so freaking much! Not only do we get to be a part of your story but you get to be a part of ours. So many fun memories shooting with these two goofballs over the last few years.

I shoot anything involving people (fashion, weddings, head shots, families, etc.) with a nontraditional take on portraiture. I am very proud of my business! I am always up for some crazy ideas and love working with others to bring their vision to life. Need new head shots and content for your website or Instagram? Hit me up! Want to remember fun times at the park by your house with your family? I am your girl. I just LOVE creating and documenting whatever stage in life you are.

I am currently based in Villa Park and shoot all over the Chicagoland area. I am often asked if I travel and the answer is HECK YES! I have shot food shows in California, Massachusetts, and Louisiana to name a few and have shot weddings in Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, and soon Iowa. My husband and I recently went to San Diego, Oahu, and Italy. So you can see why my answer will always be yes, we are up for an adventure. I’d love to tag along on your adventure! Whether it is in your backyard or across the world.


Meet my team!



You may or may not recognize this handsome man as my husband! We have been married since September 1, 2018 *insert all the heart eyes*! Lex is my main second shooter whether photographing or videoing a wedding. He thinks he is hilarious so prepare for lots of jokes.

Lex’s favorite food is Taco Bell. When we aren’t shooting weddings, he is all about the video games. As he likes to say, “The World’s not gonna save itself!”.



Has a fur baby named Lilah (AKA my niece puppy). I'm pretty much her favorite aunt. My sister might say otherwise. Zach is also the Vice President of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. He will be graduating from NIU in 2019 with a degree in Graphic Design. He is my main videographer so you will see him quite a bit when the whole team shoots!