Janachione Family Newborn Session

I was just so excited to document the Janachiones’ first days as a family of 3 :) Though, when I am not excited about photos?? In my last post from the O’Malley newborn session, I talked about how this year was the year of babies. And so far little boys! Everyone I know is having a boy and I am so so freaking happy for them!

Dan was just the sweetest little guy with some crazy hair. Insert all the heart eyes! I loved that it could not be tamed and cannot wait to see what mane he has when he grows up. I just find it so fascinating how babies change. When you look back on baby photos from adults, you can sometimes see characteristics or facial expressions that immediately point you to them. Like they really were just a miniature version of themselves all along.. And other babies go through this wild transformation where they literally could have grown up to be any adult!

Arlington Heights Newborn Session

I digress. Something really neat we did for Dan’s newborn session was incorporating all the baby blankets Torie and Mike had, baby blankets that were made for or gifted to them, blankets that were in the family. We did several shots individually but one of my favorites from the session is where he is laying on most of them. Its amazing the things people hold on to and hopefully Dan will pass these on to his children some day.

I also have to point out the R2D2 hat Dan is wearing! I had a Yoda hat made for him as well. Torie and Mike are big Star Wars fans so bringing that in to their session was a must. I’m sure he will grow up with a love for Star Wars too :)

Congratulations to the Janachione family!!