Greg + Sarah - 4.30.16

I met Greg two summers ago a couple months after Lex and I started dating. I instantly liked him. He was so easy to talk to and made me laugh all night. I could see why Lex and him had been friends all these years! I didn’t meet Sarah until several months later at a wedding we all attended and I instantly liked her too. Though we have only hung out a handful of times due to them living ins St. Louis and us living in the Chicago area, they are some of my favorite people to get together with.

Lex and I were actually in St. Louis when Greg was making updates on the ring order and it we were so excited when we heard the news he was going to propose. Greg picked up the ring a month later and proposed later that day. I am so excited for these two and cannot wait to attend their wedding in October. If their life and marriage is anything like this shoot, laughing their butts off as it rains around them, I think they are going to be incredibly happy.