Boston - Food Fanatics Live

When I am not out shooting weddings or couples, I am doing photography and video work for US Foods. Recently, I was offered to photograph all 19 of their Food Fanatics Live events across the country this year. Which is a really big deal. I cannot tell you how excited I am at this opportunity but also a little nervous. Mostly because of all the flying but also because looking at my planner makes me realize how jam packed this year really is. 

I am hoping to photograph a little of each place I travel and share this incredible year as I go. The first show I photographed was in Boston. I had about an hour and half to walk around in the daylight and already I want to go back. I think if I had just walked about 30 minutes further in I would have gotten to the more historic parts.One of the downsides of these quick trips is only getting a tiny glimpse into these awesome cities. I am hoping to take an extra day or two for a few of the cities and do some more exploring on my own.

Also, pro tip: don't try to eat gross frozen yogurt on a white comforter. It never ends well.

Next stop is Greensboro this week! My flight is a little later than normal but I am hoping to get a few shots of my time there.