Atlantic City - Food Fanatics Live Event

Initially I was frustrated that I couldn't fly straight to Atlantic City. It was going to be over an hour drive and I was going to need a rental car. Boo hoo right?

Turns out Philadelphia was AMAZING and I didn't want to leave! Funny how it works out that way. Most of the parts I explored were beautiful and historic. I even had a chance to see the Rocky Statue. I drove all over and wished I had had more time to get out and explore. Sadly, I had to make my way to AC so I could take photos of the venue for the next day's event. So I made my way there wishing I had more time in Philly to check out the Zoo or actually eat a Philly Cheese Steak.

Atlantic City was not as cool as Philly. It was actually kinda eerie! Maybe it was because I was there in the off season. Who knows. But I was glad I was only there for a short while.