Mr. and Mrs. Avdich

Kelsey and David are married! 

I had so much fun with these two. We had met up several months ago to do a mini session. I wanted to hear all about their love story before the big day. I think the Officiant at their wedding did an excellent job retelling how these two met and got engaged. They met at work. David thought Kelsey was too young for him. Kelsey thought David was too old for her. Turns out, Kelsey was actually 2 years older. As soon as they realized that they wasted no time in dating. 

Between their first date and their wedding they added an adorable little boy to the mix. Kyle looks like a good mix of both of them! He was so fun to watch through out the day. And he was so helpful too! Carrying around all the centerpieces :) 

It was an honor to photograph this little family on this awesome day.