Best of 2016

2016 was a year of incredible growth and discovery.

This year I had the privilege of meeting and photographing so many people. I am forever grateful to every people who trusted me to capture their special moments. I went on awesome adventures. Ate too much delicious food. Played a lot, cried, and laughed even more. 

How do you go through and narrow down a year that was so much?

Here is a list of a few of my favorite things that happened: 

+I bought a Sony a7 and am obsessed.

+Watched Stranger Things. Twice.

+Went to Las Vegas.

+Listened to my first podcast. Who knew they were so cool??

+Ate brussel sprouts for the first time. They actually can be pretty delicious.

+Watched my first Lacrosse game.

+Took Lex to all of my favorite places in Michigan.

+Had an awesome new logo designed.

+Got into essential oils.

+Sang karaoke at a bar.

+And much, much more.

If 2016 was any indication of how 2017 is going to be, I can't wait. There are so many amazing things in the works and I am beyond excited to share my joinery with anyone willing to tag along.

Even though I narrowed my favorites down, there are still quite a few. I hope you make it to the end of the post. I poured my heart and soul into my work this year.


I would like to give a special thank you for Sara Monika Photography. I was fortunate enough to sign up for her mentoring program. She helped me see my business in a whole new light and gave me a direction to go in. I will forever be grateful for our Skype calls. I also worked with Rebecca from Hello Harmony Studio. She helped design this awesome new logo you can find at the top of my site. I am so in love with it! Rebecca, you rock!!