Nicole + Ben + Smoke Bombs

This shoot almost didn't happen. First the initial dress I planned on Nicole wearing almost didn't come in the mail and when it finally did it was UGLY. Nicole had to work a volleyball game so we thought we might have to reschedule, I almost forgot the smoke bombs back at my apartment, Ben got to us about an hour after we started getting ready, and we rolled up to the pay station an hour before Morton Arboretum was set to close. And on top of that, we get there and the price to get in was way more than what we thought it was going to be, especially for an hour. For any of those who know me well, you can imagine my anxiety was through the roof! But when life hands you lemons, you make some epic lemonade. 

This was the fastest shoot ever. We squeezed a whole bunch into that hour. I think Ben might have liked doing this shoot even more than Nicole did! By the end of it, he was trying to find the best ways to hold the smoke bomb for better smoke to photo ratios and was planning the next smoke bomb shoot before this one was even over!

Scroll through all of my favorites because these two are seriously my favorites.