Mutt Strut for TAILS in DeKalb

My mom volunteered to be on the committee for the Mutt Strut this summer. When she texted me asking if I was free that morning to photograph the race, I knew I had to move some stuff around. Because dogs. And it was so worth it! I think I made about 100 new furry friends ;)

My goal with event photography is always to get creative. You see such boring straight forward shots. But I think event should be documented just as beautifully as weddings. It certainly helped that we had a gorgeous day and the park where the event took place was beautiful. 

If you didn't know, my family has 4 adopted dogs. Three of which are from TAILS (the pet rescue that put on the race). So my family is a big supporter. I am a firm believer in adopting and not shopping. They have so cats and dogs in need of a forever home. If you are interested in being that forever home, look into TAILS in DeKalb. Or if you wish you could adopt but can't right now, donate.