Exploring Indiana

I had never actually done anything in Indiana besides make a pit stop for snacks on a long trip. So when we planned a weekend to visit our friends Kyle, Rahul, and Verny I was excited to see that Indiana is much more than a snack break! First off, our friends are killing it in the home owners department. Their house is in the Historic District of Irvington. It was the 3rd house built on that street and is gorgeous inside and out. I mostly just took photos of their interior design and gorgeous light. The historic meets modern continued into Indianapolis where you could see a building that was built over a 100 years ago mesh with a beautiful modern structure built within the last five. I am so excited to be going back to visit and do their engagement session in June when the weather isn't quite so chilly. More exploring!

Besides the amazing homes and fun downtown, it was just an overall awesome weekend. I can be a real homebody at times but one of my favorite things to do is explore a new place. We ate way too much amazing food, played a lot of fun games (and I don't really like games!), and had great conversations about life, love, and business. I am so excited to hang out with them this summer and be reunited with the adorable Verny!