The Sprinkles are having a baby!

Gretchen writes for Literally Darling, an online magazine, and she published a very insightful piece about pregnancy. I learned so much! So pretty much our entire session I was asking them questions. Pregnancy and birth are both things that aren't talked about very openly or very often. Basically you are pregnant and then you have a baby is the gist of it. So reading her article was fascinating to me! And I appreciated her honesty.

When I wasn't asking her very personal questions about having a baby, I was catching up with them. I photographed John and Gretchen's wedding a couple years ago and I was thrilled when they asked me to take their maternity photos. They are some of the kindest people I have met, always doing good and spreading love. They are going to be fantastic parents.

Fun fact: Gretchen and I grew up together! We were in the same class for a small amount of time until I transferred to a private school. We did Girl Scouts, were on the same softball team, and I'm pretty sure she was one of my first models! I'll have to dig up my old disposable camera photos from when we were little :)