Chicago Birthday Celebrations

I am a firm believer in birthdays. I think that we should celebrate them as long as we can and make people feel special. Every year I say I am not going to have a birthday get-together with friends because it is too stressful, not many people are able to make it, and I spend more time making sure everyone else is having a good time instead of just enjoying it. So this year I wanted to do something different. I still had a laser tag-tother (and it was a little bit stressful) but I mostly celebrated with a staycation in Chicago!

I love doing these. Sometimes its nice to play tourist in your own area! It stared off a bit weird with the hotel room being the SMALLEST room in the history of rooms. I could touch my back to the door and my foot to the bed... but it ended up being perfect. We could watch TV at night like normal people (we don't have cable) and explored during the day. And it was honestly one of the best times I have had in Chicago. My best friend and her boyfriend met up with us, we got Bloody Mary's (my favorite) while we shopped at a flea market, ate way too much amazing food, and just overall had a kick ass time. Can't wait until next year ;)