Buffalo - Food Fanatics Live Event

Buffalo was an interesting city. It had this tram that went through the center of it which was pretty cool. But it was eerily quiet that day I walked around. It looks like the city is taking great steps to improve it, make changes, and rebuild. Everyone I talked to at the event that was from Buffalo was pretty proud to be from there and excited to be a part of a growing city.

I was confused walking around though why I couldn't find very many restaurants. I was getting a little hungry and knew I needed to eat before heading out to photograph the pre-partty. I stumbled upon this french fry place (after refusing to eat at TGI Fridays, because I don't like eating at places you can get back at home when I travel). And if you know me, you know I could eat fries all day everyday and probably have a few times. So this was the BEST. The guys working were super friendly even made me a soda! Its too bad Buffalo is a forever and a day away because I would go back for these fries.