Senior Class of ISU 2017

My little sister is graduating from college! So in honor of this new chapter she will be embarking on Lex, my brother, and I went to visit her and her friends for some photo fun. And of course, we had to bring smoke bombs along because who doesn't love a good smoke bomb?

A few days before the trip Marissa was texting me about the weather. All of they weather apps were predicting terrible storms all day. I told them not to worry and even if we had to shoot in the rain with umbrellas, it still would be a fantastic day. It didi't rain at all and ended up being the perfect day.

I hope you girls love these photos as much as I loved taking them. I know you won't all be living under the same roof anymore, but thats okay. Life will change but it will only get better. I am so excited to see what each of you do and when you all decide to get married, you know who to call ;)