Minneapolis - Food Fanatics Live Event

Minneapolis was such a great town, I would definitely go back to explore! Especially after all the construction is gone (they are prepping for the Super Bowl in February). It had an almost Indy/St. Louis feel where it was similar to Chicago but smaller and more manageable.

Honestly I think this may be my favorite show so far, maybe even all year. The event was on the field at the new US Bank Stadium. I may not be an avid football fan, I mostly just love tailgating. But being on the turf (I've been calling it the green which apparently is wrong) was awesome! Funny story about the stadium though. So they covered up the actually field with this plastic floor so we couldn't destroy the grass or whatever you want to call it. So the moment you stepped into the event space, all your hair went up! I didn't realize how static-y it was unless one of the chefs made fun of my hair. Sure enough, when I looked in the mirror it was like I was the bride of Frankenstein. Maybe thats a bit dramatic, but there were a few customers who's hair was just too much of a mess to contain. They had fun never-the-less.

Make sure to check in at the end of the year when I post my favorites from the actual shows!