Summer Scoop Food Photography Shoot in Chicago

I had been looking forward to this shoot for WEEKS. A chance to run around Chicago and take photos of food seemed like one of the best way to spend an afternoon. The day before I was doing another session in the demo Kitchen of US Foods with one of the Chefs. She mentioned that the Taste of Chicago was going on that weekend and would be nuts. It seems to be a trend I manage to only go in the city when hug events are going on.

We were nervous we wouldn't be able to get the shots we wanted but it was perfect! I think I have probably over said I am not into traditional photos. So having the opportunity to shoot food as a take out item around Chicago was a blast. 

According to a study, but 2020, 85% of restaurant orders will be take out. US Foods' goal was to appeal to Millennials more with this shoot and show that restaurants that team up with US Foods are relevant. That they can change with the times. That their products can be used in house and out. I think it was a great idea to start marketing more of this lifestyle now and get ahead of it.