Sarah and Andrew Anniversary In Home Session

Sarah and I met in Design Theory class in college. We were put in a group for the design scavenger hunt. It was one of the worst classes. I don't think we learned anything at all. But I'm pretty sure that was one of the reasons we became friends. Our love of hating that class! I soon convinced Sarah and Andrew to move out of their gross complex and into mine! They were just around the corner and before we knew it Sarah and I were talking through every one of Andrew's shows and diligently watching ours.

I had been waiting for Sarah and Andrew to get married basically since the day I met Sarah. We joke that I was there in the library when they met. That I got to witness Andrew coming into the library for months before Sarah eventually asked him out ;) When they got married this time last year it was like they were already married and just finally making the whole thing official. It was a beautiful day. The ceremony space was perfect and the light was AMAZING. The best you could ask for on your wedding day.

Fast forward to now, they have bought their first home together and are celebrating their first anniversary. So what better way to celebrate than with a photo shoot? Sarah wanted to do an in home session to document this big moment for them. Isn't their new home so pretty?! They had looked at several places but when they saw this place they just knew. They have 2 awesome balconies and plenty of space to have family and friends over for dinner :)

Happy one year anniversary!! I love you guys!