Megan + Bobby Churchill Woods Lombard Maternity Session


Megan and I have been friends forever. Our families created this camping group called the Traveling Trio. With another family we went camping together every other weekend over the summer for 6 years. It was so much fun! Cool fact, we had enough people in our group to spell out Traveling Trio. We even had t-shirts! While I am more of a “glamper” now than a camper I loved all the fun times we had in our pop ups traveling all over Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Megan and I, along with our sisters, grow up together putting on performances, riding our bikes between each others’ houses, and going on all sorts of adventures. It was so wonderful to have a friend like this while growing up I hope their little Sprout has the same friendship! If only I had some of the photos from our camping trips on hand right now… so many hilarious moments ;)

I cannot believe that Megan and Bobby are going to be be parents!! Ahhh! It seems so surreal but in the best way. They are going to be the BEST parents. And I am so incredibly excited for them. I cannot wait for their announcement when their little baby comes in February <3

Also lets take a moment to appreciate how much Megan and Bobby ROCKED their session. They told me they were not models and were going to be awkward in front of the camera. Clearly they were lying. They knocked it out of the park.