Laura + Bailey Mom and Dog Lilacia Park

Laura is my AMAZING hair stylist in Lombard. She has been making me look fabulous and my red vibrant for almost 3 years now. It was a random chance that we crossed paths. I had enough of trying to do my own hair and was completely messing it up. Lets just say I am thankful people still wanted to be seen with me in public thats how bad it was. So I started researching salons. At the time, Laura had a chair at this particular salon I thought would be the best option. I was trying to decide off of websites which would be the best option. Having a fantasy hair color means having to find the with person to make that color look good. I had a good feeling about this salon so I made an appointment with the only stylist available that Saturday. And the rest is history!

Fast forward to today or well a couple months ago and Laura asked me to take photos of her ADORABLE dog Bailey. She didn't need to ask, I am always up for a shoot with a puppy. We went to Lilacia Park and ran around, ate lots of treats, and played in the flowers... well that was mostly Bailey but I got some great photos of her. Isn't she so cute??

If you are in the Lombard area and need an amazing hair stylist to do your hair, check out Laura. I 10 out of 10 would recommend her in a heart beat. She has her own salon and is the easiest person to talk to. And that is saying something. Nothing worse than sitting in a chair for 20 minutes or 3 hours and having awkward conversations with the person doing your hair.