Jordan + Ben Blackwell Forest Preserve Engagement Session

Ben and I went to the same high school together but we probably on’t interacted a few times at football or basketball games when everyone would sit in the stands together. So when my Dad told me Ben and his fiancé Jordan were in their workout class I thought that was awesome and such a funny blast from the past! Months later he told me Jordan had asked if I was a wedding photographer. I remember he called me while I was at Jewel to say she had asked about me and that he had been wanting to bring it up for months. I appreciate the plug ;) But she beat him to it! And I was super excited when she reached out to me! Even though we weren’t in the same group of friends it was so much fun to hear what he has been up to since high school. And to met his wonderful fiancé! I love meeting the people grade school or high school classmates choose to spend their life with. And I think these two are a perfect match! Scroll down to see one two of the best photos from their session where they pick each other up. They both love working out together!

They actually met at a local bar in my hometown called Molly’s. That was definitely the dancing bar back in college! My girlfriends and I would loved going there. They had seen each other there before but Jordan was the one that made the first move :) Now they are planning their big day for next May and I am just so excited for them!