Micayla + Tim Hornbaker Gardens Princeton Wedding

If you were to look up the word JOY in the dictionary, you would find Micayla and Tim’s wedding day as the definition. If I could have bottled up their happiness, I would have! It was seriously so contagious. Micayla was nothing but smiles and happy tears the whole day.

I think of all our couples, I spent more time emailing back and forth with Micayla than anyone else. Micayla and Tim had moved to Arizona several months before so we couldn’t meet in person. Though we grew up in the same small town :) I just loved getting updates of their wedding from her! It was so wonderful to be included in their planning and see how their day evolved. And after all the time working with Micayla over the last several months, I can’t believe the day has come and gone! I think Tim said it best in his thank you to their guests that Micayla worked so hard on their day, more than anyone realized.

The Baldwins did something I haven’t seen before at a wedding. They had a bridal party scavenger hunt! It was SO much fun to watch as they all raced to find the next item on the list. Some of the bridesmaid got really into it :P Scroll down to the end of the post to see all the fun!

Another cool thing they did was have a. cookie decorating station. How awesome is that? The table was full of sugar cookies, frosting, and sprinkles in their colors. I snagged one for the drive home on our way out and it was delicious ;)

Congratulations to Micayla and Tim! Your day was just absolutely beautiful at the Hornbaker Gardens and full of so much happiness!