Sprinkle Baby Number Two Inhome Newborn Session Cortland

Baby Sprinkle #2 is a girl! And she is just the most precious addition to their family <3

I adore this family. They are so incredibly kind and just the most wonderful parents. Watching them with Libby and Jack has just been so much fun over the last few years! You may recognize the Sprinkles. I have have been photographing them since their engagement session all the way to their most recent newborn session! You can find Jack’s one year session here. It is so crazy to see what a difference a year can make!

One of the reasons I love working with Gretchen and John is their appreciation for authentic documentation of their family. They read books and play games with their kids, they snuggle or nurse. Sometimes there are tears, most of the time there is a lot of laughs. But they embrace it all! Which makes for one awesome family session full of real moments I hope they can treasure forever.

One of my favorite photos from their session is a black and white image of Libby snuggle up on Gretchen’s chest. It is such a beautiful moment and you’d never know that just moments before Libby was crying. I think Gretchen put it best when she shared this sneak peak on her facebook. That there are all these little wonderful moments in the midst of the chaos that make motherhood extra beautiful.

***If the full gallery isn’t showing right away, make sure to refresh the page! I am working out some kinks right now with my blogging app and appreciate your patience and excitement to look through the photos :)

Also I hate that I need to warn people, but there are some gorgeous images below of breastfeeding because we need to #normalizebreastfeeding since it is a very real and incredible part of life.