Jen and Pat NIU and Blackwell Forest Preserve Engagement Session

Totally obsessing over how cute these two are!!

Jen and I both majored in photography at NIU. We were in a few classes together near the end of my time there (I was there for 5 since I was taking extra graphic design courses). She was in the class behind mine so when I graduated a year later than my initial group, Jen and I had all of our photo classes together senior year. We even walked together at graduation :) She texted me a few weeks before their session with a photo that popped up in her Time Hop. It was us in our cap and gowns. It was super cute. But thank GOODNESS my hair has since improved. Woof.

During Jen and Pat’s engagement session, I asked how they met. I love a good meet cute! They met at their dorm floor meeting. And then the rest was history! So because they meet in the halls of dorm at NIU, we had to go back to campus for a few photos! We checked out the kissing bench which aoorently if you kissed on that bench, you were going to be together forever. It also just so happened to be a few feet away from the break up bench… so you had to make sure you didn’t get those two confused ;)

Jen had been texting me about how much she wanted flowers, particularly sunflowers in their shoot. We weren’t able to find a field of sunflowers nearby so I suggested Cantigy because it is gorgeous and full of gardens. We made our way from campus to the Cantigny and when I go there the gate was locked. It must have been too close to sunset. I felt AWFUL. So I quickly made up a plan B and we head over to Blackwell Forest Preserve to create some magic.

Stay tuned for another mini shoot of them in September! We are going to Cantigny to get a few photos in the gardens and I can’t wait :)