Danielle Fashion Portraits Elmhurst

I met Danielle through US Foods. She was on the marketing team and was in charge of social media so we worked on a few projects together when photography was needed. She recently left to pursue a job at Ulta which was more directly related to her passions and things she wanted to accomplish in life which is SO exciting. We ran around Elmhurst for her shoot and then chatted over drinks and dinner.

Danielle is wanting to get more into her photography so we discussed all things photo and business. If you know me, I could literally talk your ear off about business and branding. One of the things I asked Danielle was about her work. We talked about what she wanted to shoot and finding a style that reflected her and the brand she hopes her business to one day be. She mentioned she LOVED film and how it felt/looked so she was currently trying out a more film like edit on her photos. She texted me a few days later saying she pulled the trigger and bought a film camera. Which I am so excited about!! I cannot wait to see what she creates and where she takes her portfolio next.

Also, is Danielle not gorgeous?? It was so much fun to do a little shoot that was just for me. So we messed around with lighting a lot and of course, I broke out my prism <3 It is not everyday I get to do a shoot just for “fun” anymore so I can’t thank her enough for being willing to model for me!