Anna, Pat, and the Star Wars Mugs

I randomly "met" Anna on Instagram. She had commented on a few photos of mine so I went to check out her profile. I saw she was a model and had worked with several local photographers. I immediately knew I wanted to meet up and shoot with her. We initially had just planned a fashion shoot (photos to come soon) but after she saw some of my engagement sessions she said her and her boyfriend would love to do a couples session! 

And OH MY GOSH aren't they adorable?? This was the first of two sessions we have done so far and I can't get over how stinking cute these two are. They were cheesing it up the whole time. One of the things I have loved most about shooting with them as how real they are. I felt like we have been friends for years and were naturals in front of the camera. It certainly helps having a model girlfriend, but being natural with a photographer in your face isn't always easy no matter how many times you have had your photos taken!

There are all these articles out there about how bad social media can be. And while it is not perfect, instances like these where I get to become friends with two genuinely awesome people because of it make the crazy world on the internet a little bit better.