Salt Lake City - Food Fanatics Live Event

I have never been to Utah before but the second we landed I could tell it was gorgeous. In the photography industry, there are a couple places that every photographer wants to shoot at. And Utah is one of them. I am not sure if I will ever come back or have a chance to do a shoot here, though I certainly wouldn't mind! But I did manage to get a few photos while I was there. 

I usually try to walk around the block of my hotel so I can get a tiny glimpse of the place I am staying at when I travel for the food shows. I had SO much editing to do and wanted to get client's their photos that I decided to work all night. So I took the same (or close. t0 the same) photo out my window every so often. Its amazing how light can a photo and the feelings of a photo.

Not only were these glimpses into my awesome view as I worked, its a good lesson in light and why you should always hire a professional photographer. When you know how to use the light correctly to tell a story, to enhance a moment, it makes a world of difference.