Anna + Pat Naperville Riverwalk Proposal

We had been planning this session for months. I wanted a fun ice cream shoot with a couple and Anna was always up for my ideas! If you remember, Anna and Pat came out to freeze their butts off at a Christmas Tree farm at night so I could make an idea a reality.

We had done a boutique shoot on the Wednesday before this and Pat was supposed to meet up with us for dinner. He cancelled at the last minute. We were all pretty bummed since it wasn't too often we got to hang out outside of a session. Pat messaged Lex and I the next day saying that the reason he missed dinner on Wednesday was because he was picking up Anna's engagement ring. He asked if we would be alright if he proposed during their shoot.

Of course I said yes. I'm pretty sure I was in the other room from Lex screaming with excitement when I read the message. Anna and I had only been talking about this for what felt like forever. I was SO excited for them. Now the hard part came where we would have to pretend like we didn't know anything special was going on.

So we went about our business which included getting some cookie dough and ice cream ;) they did a couple outfit changes, and we wandered the Riverwalk until I found a more quiet spot for Pat to pop the question.

The funniest thing happened. After I gave Pat the sign that I thought this was a good spot to propose, Anna says out loud "this would be a great spot to propose Patrick". We all just kinda stood there in shock. Pat was asking Lex if he should still do it there and I am trying to distract Anna with the longest solo portrait session in the worst light while they figure it out. Pat ended up asking and Anna, of course, said yes. It was a huge sigh of relief when we found out Anna had absolutely NO idea she was going to be getting engaged that night. It was just a coincidence. 

Boy do I have good taste in proposal locations ;)