Emily + Evan Christmas Card Engagement Session

I always love to hear how my couples met or how they got engaged and I think their story is so cute!

I sometimes send out mini questionnaires to get to know my clients better before their session and help plan something that reflects them. Emily said "We met in pre-school actually! We were in the same class for 2 years and actually had little crushes on each other. We had play dates at each other’s houses. We just lost touch but always remembered each other. We re-connected on Facebook during college at a time that we were both single. It was really like right time right place/perfect timing sort of thing. We both met up when Evan was on a break from school and it was really just like love at first sight (again)."

During their session I found out they had had plans to go to Disney when they hurricanes were about to come through. Evan knew he was going to propose on their trip but Emily had no idea. Though she had always loved Disney and dreamed of getting proposed to there. They didn't want to cancel and not get any of their money back so they decided to brace their trip anyway! If Disney cancelled, they would be reimbursed, So they get there and Evan proposes during the Fireworks show and then of course their cruise ends up being cancelled that night. So they spent the next 3 hours trying to figure out how they were going to get home. Flying home didn't seem to e an option anymore.  Eventually they decided to drive to Atlanta where Emily had family to rest a little bit then drive the rest of the way home after. It took twice as long to get there because of the evacuation but they eventually made it home. Anything for love right? :)