Billips Blackwell Forest Family Session

I don't get to do too many family sessions so when I have the chance to photograph my best friend's family it is THE BEST. If you follow me on Instagram you would have read several weeks ago that Nicole's mom paid me $50 to do her senior session back in high school. It was my first real paid shoot. I had always been a photographer but a free photographer. I remember running around NIU's campus and a historic home with Nicole. It was such an awesome shoot! But one of the worst edited sets of photos ever. I am so thankful she still models for me ;)

I got so nervous when I pulled up and it started sprinkling, I was thinking after  months of figuring out a date of course it starts to rain! I don't mind shooting in the rain but its not always fun for everyone else. Luckily, the weather held out for us to run around Blackwell Forest Preserve. It was my first time there but I thought it was such a cool location! I recently did an engagement session there but would love to take a couple back to the flower fields when the weather is a bit warmer and everything isn't dead. I'd also love for a couple with some bow and arrows to do a session at the archery field! *hint hint*

If you haven't noticed, I'm not one for traditional family photos where everyone stands in a line and awkwardly smiles. So I do my best to get some real moments captured of everyone having fun. Even when some of the grown up kids would rather be anywhere else ;) I hope when people look back at photos like these they can say that I really captured their family's personalities whether that be shy or out going, smiley or stoic. My goal always to document people as they really are.