Jill + Eric Northern Illinois University Duke Ellington Ballroom Wedding

I videoed Jill's sister's wedding almost 2 years ago. I was so excited when Jill emailed me about doing both photography and video. I love being able to capture other family members, other moments in their lives. It was so fun to see people I remembered from Megan and Andrew's wedding and meet the new friends and family of the King's.  

The morning of their wedding we woke up to stormy skies. I was hoping it would hold out but it poured the whole day. I didn't need it to pour for us to see how lucky and loved Jill and Eric were. When you photograph or video a wedding, you spend a lot of time with the people most important to the bride and groom. It is so awesome to not only get to know the couple on your own but to see them through their loved ones' eyes. Jill and Eric had so many people there supporting them. Despite the rain, it was such a beautiful day.

Make sure to watch their wedding montage! There are so many good dancing moments :) I say this every time but the reception is always one of the best times. I love people watching!