Lex and I are engaged!

If it weren't for everyone taking photos, I would not remember what happened. I guess it is true what all my clients have been saying! That the moment it happens, your brain kinda stops. Everything is a blur.

I had joked with Lex before that there was no way he was going to be able to surprise me. I plan everything. I'm a planner! If Lex says he wants to do something or see someone, I put it on the calendar. Apparently he had known he wanted to propose since January, but didn't know when. We work all the time so finding a free weekend was hard. When we decided to do a staycation in Chicago, he knew it would be the perfect time. He secretly had been working with our family and friends for weeks without me knowing. He even sat at a coffee shop for hours with one of my best friends, Nicole designing he ring. He suggested we do all of my favorite things in the city: going to brunch, getting tea, walking the Riverwalk. It was perfect and since it was all stuff I would have suggested anyway, I didn't catch on.

There were a few moments through out the morning looking back I should have caught on something was up. Like his clammy hands or the fact that he kept checking his phone. I still didn't even put 2 and 2 together when we ran into Adam and Doug at the Riverwalk. Apparently they made up date stories to distract me as our families and some friends came out from hiding.

 It honestly was the best surprise. And now we are getting married next September <3

I took the city photos and photos of our room, but all other photos were taken by friends and family :)


Video footage courtesy of my mom!