Jake + Maggie Abbey Farms Summer Wedding

Jake and Maggie had an amazing wedding. It was honestly one of the most fun days from start to finish! They were all cracking jokes, being their goofy selves, and just having a blast hanging out together. One of my favorites parts of the day was when we took a snack and beer break at Penrose Brewery. If every wedding could do something like this that would be amazing! One) because breweries are awesome. Two) As much as I love a good natural backdrop, its nice to mix things up a bit. And three) I think it is so important to take some time to just have fun and relax. Wedding days go by so quickly. I think one of the best things you can do is take a breather with your husband or wife and bridal party. Soak everything in and just have some fun.  

Lex and I loved how Jake and Maggie set up their day so much that we are going to incorporate that into our own wedding :)

Not only was the bridal party FANTASTIC, the guests knew how to party. Jake and Maggie asked us to do our first "Around The World" at their reception. Gone are the days of photographers going to each table to get a table shot yet everyone still wants a photo with the bride and groom. I thought this was the best of both worlds! If you haven't done this before, basically you are given 1 song to get a group photo with every table. It was a blast! I loved it because the you knew you had a photo with everyone and it was so fun to see the different things the tables came up with.

Take a look for yourself and see how fun Jake and Maggie's day was. Congratulations on 3 months of marriage! Lex and I wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness <3