Abby + Jeremy Starline Factory Fall Wedding

Abby and Jeremy are the best. When Lex and I left for the night they said they couldn't imagine anyone else capturing their day and my heart was so happy. Clients like them are the reason I love my job so dang much.

They got married on a surprisingly hot October day. It was in the 90's! Which was just crazy. I was with the ladies all morning until the ceremony and they ran around Sycamore like it was a beautiful and cool fall day. Despite the temps, it was a FANTASTIC day. They had a huge bridal party which made for more fun moments and everybody was dancing the moment the DJ opened up the dance floor. The best thing about weddings for me are always the moment when two people officially get married and start this journey together but the dancing is a very close second ;)

Thank you two for letting Lex and I play a part in a very special day in your lives. It was beyond beautiful. I have so many favorites!!

Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to watch their wedding video. I am obsessed with the second half. Again dancing is always a favorite :)