Brittany + Brendan Blackwell Forest Preserve Engagement Session

Brittany emailed me asking if we could not do any cutesy photos during their session and I'm thinking, challenge accepted. So Lex and I told terrible jokes their whole shoot and exchanged college stories to get them laughing. I think sometimes there is this misconception that engagement photos have to be a certain way. You HAVE to look romantically at each other and make out the whole session. 

I'm not going to lie, I have asked more people to make out and pretend like I'm not there than I can count ha! But YOUR engagement sessions doesn't HAVE to be anything. If you two are goofy and like to joke around, then that is what I am going to capture. If you don't want to wear a dress, sit in a garden and would rather go get drinks at a bar. Then I'm game. Much like your wedding, your engagement session should be completely about you two.

I seriously love getting to know my couples and their stories. Finding what makes them tick. Brittany and Brendan plan on doing photos at a forest preserve after their wedding so we made sure to incorporate nature into their session. They had been friends for about 5 years before they started dating for another 4. I think when we got to their session my biggest mission was for them to have fun and to document that friendship. I just love love love their photos!