Fredricksburg - Food Fanatics Live Event

My flight arrived around 6:30 in Richmond and then I had to drive over an hour get to Fredericksburg. I was really bummed because that left me no time to explore. Or so I thought. Luckily the sun didn't set until about 8:45. I decided I'd figure out where my hotel was first and then go explore close by. As I was about to turn into the parking lot of the hotel I realized that the University of Mary Washington was right across the street. So I drove a little bit up the road and parked outside of a random building which just do happened to be the art school! The campus was awesome and I got some of my favorite travel photos so far this year. Being in Virginia and walking around is so different than walking around Illinois. For one, it is hilly. And while climbing up and down the random staircases all over campus was a pain (got my steps in) it was awesome seeing how the campus was laid out! At NIU, its all flat except for this one incline by the College of Education. After seeing how gorgeous the campus was I decided I needed to come back and explore Virginia and all of its hill more.