San Antonio - Food Fanatics Live Event

San Antonio was HOT. And beautiful. Granted I only had the chance to explore the Riverwalk but I am assuming the rest of it is equally as great. My hotel was right on the Riverwalk which made it easy to explore. I hopped on one of the boat tours (highly recommend) and learned all about the Riverwalk! Apparently one of the bridges is made out of this material that only 10 bridges are made of. And the Riverwalk has 5 of the 10. Another bridge was named after the singer Selena. And Teddy Roosevelt rode his horse by the river.

I am finding that I should have taken notes. So make sure if you go to San Antonio you do a tour and get better information than I just gave ;)

Not only was the tour fun, there were TONS of restaurants and shops. I love walking the Riverwalk in Chicago on a hot summer day and stopping for ice cream or a drink but this had about 20x more options. Not to mention it was more secluded and you felt like you were in your own little world. This was probably one of my favorite places to travel thus far.