Ben and Nicole Take On Indy

From our photos, it may look like Lex and I just followed Nicole and Ben around Indy and documented their travels. I swear we were there and had fun! I think I need to get better about being in photos. I just love documenting so much. And of course, we did a couples sessions. I was pretty bummed about our trip so my only requirement was that I get to do a sunset shoot. These two are always up for photos. The light was awesome as we walked to the Riverwalk, how could I resist?

We were initially supposed to go to New Orleans but with Tropical Storm Cindy showing up uninvited (New Orleans blog post coming soon) we decided to venture to Indianapolis! Nicole and Ben have never been and were dying to check it out. Though while we were in Indy, things from New Orleans kept popping up all over. We had beignets for breakfast and there were New Orleans labeled items on almost every menu! We even vacation drinks! Which just basically means I would probably never drink this in normal life and I was planning on trying a Hurricane while there.

 So there was this bar I had seen while shooting the FFL event in Indy earlier this year and I thought "next time I am in Indy, I at least want to walk by it and see the menu". We were hopping between bars and restaurants all day and I suggested we go here. The waitress hands us this drink menu for Long Island Iced Tea pitchers. She wasn't being super helpful when we asked for suggestions so we decided to try the only one she recommended. I'm not sure how this happened but Ben looks over at the bar and realizes she thinks we want 4 pitchers total. Not one to share... at this point it was too late. She walks back with 4 of the same drink (we would have ordered different ones) and we all get our own pitcher. I'm freaking out because I don't drink much and I just wanted a sip. I wasn't even sure if I would like Long Island Iced Teas. Lex doesn't like super sugary drinks. I think Nicole drank the most for us because she is a trooper. We were all so hot and tired afterwards we went back to the hotel and passed out before dinner. I've come to find the best trips are the ones that involve a nap.

It ended up being a fun weekend despite our last minute change of plans. Indy never disappoints.