Austen + Rinu Chicago London House Proposal

We had been planning this for weeks. Austen was so excited he was going to propose on the rooftop of Londonhouse in Chicago. As soon as I got into the city the sky open up and just poured on us. It was not a pretty site. Of course I kinda got lost on the way so I drove along Lakeshore for a bit and you couldn't see which was lake and which was sky. I felt so bad. 

But London House had a backup for the proposal. They were going to set up this private room and then if it my some miracle stopped raining we could do a few photos on the rooftop. The rain stopped about 30 minutes before Rinu came which was disappointing since we still couldn't use the rooftop for the proposal but at least we were able to hang out up there afterwards! And it was beautiful. Honestly, this was such a great location. Even their private room was gorgeous with the lighting and esthetic. 

After working out the location details, the next rough part was getting Rinu to London House. We had done a fashion shoot with Rinu's cousin Jason the night before and he told us he was telling Rinu there was a GQ event there. He does a lot of work with GQ so it wasn't unusual if he came home from New York for one of their events. To Rinu's surprise, there was no event and Austen was waiting there to ask her one of the biggest questions ever. She said yes :) That part wasn't a surprise.

I think one of the funniest things about the evening was how Rinu actually seemed a little disappointed there wasn't a GQ event. Getting engaged totally made up for it though! Jason will just have to bring her along to one in the future ;)