Shannon + Chris Kentucky Wedding

Backyard weddings are my ABSOLUTE favorite. Especially when it involves Shannon and Chris. These two are seriously some of the nicest people. 

Shannon and Lex met in college. I met Shannon at 4th of July over 3 years ago. Her now brother-in-law and her were hanging out and came to watch fireworks with us. When Lex and I first started dating, I couldn't get over how many friends he had (and kept introducing me to) as well as how wonderful they all were. I had only known Shannon for about 30 minutes before she was inviting us to come over to her brother's house for the night where she was house sitting. We stayed up pretty late playing cards then got Chinese for breakfast. It was awesome.

I didn't get to meet Chris until their engagement session. He had been living in Kentucky so every time I saw Shannon it was usually when he wasn't in town. One of my favorite things about couples sessions is when I get to watch my couples interact. And knowing Shannon more than Chris, it was so much fun to see the two of them together. I realized pretty quickly they were meant for one another.

Fast forward to their wedding. There is something so special about being able to capture big moments like these for your friends. Being able to witness two people embark on what I think is one of the coolest adventures is so rewarding. And it certainly doesn't hurt when they get married in a backyard with a GORGEOUS view, give out little succulents as favors, and just overall rocked their entire day.

I wish you two nothing but love and happiness in your marriage.