Kyle's Three Year Old Waterfall Glen Session

Kyle's parents (Kelsey and David) came across my work in a bridal guide 2 years ago and hired us for their wedding last summer. Since then, I have done FIVE sessions for them (including their wedding) and have 2 more in the books for this year a lone. Having wonderful repeat clients like them means the WORLD to me and I am so lucky to have them not as only part of my tribe but as friends. 

Last year we took Kyle's 2nd birthday photos at Cantigy. Which were adorable. He played on the tanks and smelled the flowers the whole time. It was amazing to see how much he changed since I saw him last November for his family session. Kids really do grow up so fast. 

Kyle wasn't too sure about this whole shoot thing at the beginning. He had his little police car with him just in case. I tried to do a few photos in the woods but he kinda just looked at me like I was a crazy lady! So I knew we had to make our way to the little waterfall. As soon as we got there and started throwing sticks and rocks into the water, it was like the best day ever. The rest of the session he had a blast chucking stuff into the water, sometimes trying to pick up rocks that were way too big for him. He also loved running ahead of us on the trails. It was so cute!!

I have to point out, Kyle has one of the cutest smiles. It makes me crack up every time! Scroll down to see just how much fun we had :)