Dayna + Tony Taltree Arboretum Couples Session

Dayna is one of Lex's coworkers so when she asked about a session I was so excited to finally meet one of the people he talks so much about! Lex asked her if she had any locations ideas in mind and they chose Taltree Arboretum. Its not on a main road so its not exactly something you would pass but it should be something you make a point of going out to. 

We started off their shoot in the Railway Garden. When I googled the place it didn't seem all that exciting, a garden with some trains. But once we got there I couldn't believe how awesome it was! The garden had 9 functioning train sets, and told the story of the building of the railroad through figurines. Whoever dreamt this up was SO creative. Lex and I cannot wait to go back and spend more time there.

The rest of the aboretum is just gorgeous. Dayna and Tony were wonderful. And so in love. I honestly just love it when my couples can just be goofy and cuddly all on their own. It makes for the best moments and photos. I know they were a little nervous about their session, they had never done anything professional before just because. And honestly those are the people shoe usually nail it. They had no reason to be nervous. If you just hang out with the person you love most, you won't even notice I'm there ;) Thanks for running all over the arboretum with us that morning!