Jason and The Chicago Chic

Jason and Lex went to Bradley together. I actually met Jason just as he was leaving for New York. We explored Chicago a little bit, got dinner in Chinatown, and then he was off. So when he texted Lex a couple years later he had been loving my photography and wanted to do a shoot when he was back in town I was thrilled. One, because I obviously love shoots and two because Jason works for a blog called the Chicago Chic. I think one of my all time favorite things to do is a fashion shoot. You can be really creative and we aren't usually on a time crunch like a wedding. Plus I get to choose the location ;)

The best part about fashion shoots (usually) is that the model knows what he/she is doing! And Jason totally does. He was so easy to work with, coming up with ideas and naturally sliding from pose to pose. Its a dream. Not to mention we got to shoot in the West Loop which was FULL of street art. So I was happy as a clam!

If you haven't heard of The Chicago Chic, check it out! Jason is just one of many contributors and all of them are so knowledgeable. Sometimes I am not always the most fashion forward, I just wear what I want, so its nice to gets a few tips every now and then.