Brittany + Brendan Waterfall Glen Dinolfo's Banquet of Homer Glen Wedding

If only fall lasted forever. Brittany and Brendan’s wedding took place on a GORGEOUS fall day. Scroll down to see those incredible colors. Be warned, you may drool over how dang pretty everything looks. Brittany chose Waterfall Glen and it was just the perfect backdrop. They day was calm, and beautiful, and filled with so much excitement! Brittany told me when she inquired that her grandma was so excited, she said she could puke :P While her grandma was freaking adorable all day, full of so much joy, she wasn’t the only one!

Brittany and Brendan were friends for 5 years before the started dating. 5 YEARS. How crazy is that? Its like something out of a movie where best friends finally realize they are in love. They dated for another 5 years after that so this day was a long time coming. They shared all the same friends so their bridal party was an awesome group ready to celebrate their love.

Brittany and Brendan did 2 things I think were such an awesome idea and have been meaning to share with all of my future couples! First, Brendan and his groomsmen played cards after getting ready. How fun is that? Guys, I know it doesn't take you nearly as long to get ready as us ladies (unfair, right?) so incorporate a fun activity to your getting ready process! That way you can just relax and hang out and we can get some fun candid shots of you and your buddies. This is great advice for ladies too. If you don’t want a lot of getting ready shots or prefer candids over group bridal party photos, why not incorporate a fun activity? You won’t even notice us taking your photo and you get to spend more quality time together.

The second thing they did was schedule time back at the house to hang out and relax before the reception. If you are not into having your photo taken and just want to hang out (and get more candids) your wedding day does not need to be a photo shoot! We are just here to document your day! However you want it :) So if that means cutting out of photo time early and heading back to the house to drink, then lets do it!!

Congratulations you two!!! It was such much fun spending the day with you and your loved ones. Lex, Zachary and I had a blast <3