Rachel + Marlania Cantigny Rainy Day Engagement Session

When Rachel first inquired about their wedding, she mentioned that her and Marlania met for the first time in person at O'hare. Marlania was flying in from New York and Rachel was coming from Iowa. Marlania had asked if O'hare was close and Rachel responded it was because its under 3 hours in the Midwest, its close. Little did she know that it was a 2 and half hour drive back to Rachel's. That is one heck of a first date! Clearly it all worked out and the 2 and half hour drive made these two fall for each other even more.

We basically had the BEST time during their session. Rain and all. I had emailed Rachel that week saying the weather went from 60's and sunny to 40's and rainy, hope thats okay *insert nervous face*. Rachel immediately responded that the rain couldn't stop them and that they were still so excited for their shoot. Honestly, I think the rain made their session even more special and fun. It takes an awesome kind of person to run around soaking wet and cold and still laugh and smile like its the most beautiful day ever.

I am so unbelievably excited for their wedding day! As the session ended, we caught up on all the details they have planned and I seriously cannot wait. If you love love and fun you are going to want to keep an eye out for their wedding gallery at the end of the year.