Annemarie + Lawson Chicago Riverwalk Couples Session

You might have seen these two before for their engagement session in February. It was during the Snowpocalypse! Like crazies we decided to run around Lake Show Drive as snow was coming down and you couldn’t see what was lake and what was the sky. And it was AWESOME. We played in the snow for a bit and then had the best lunch at Theater on the Lake.

I asked if they would be to do another session on the Riverwalk this summer so we could catch up and get a photos of them not in the snow. Lex and I loved hanging out with Annemarie and Lawson so much! They are clients turned friends and it has been the best getting to know them <3

They are actually getting married tomorrow. TOMORROW. And I am so freaking excited. We have all these awesome ideas and will be running around all over Chicago. If you see a GORGEOUS bride and a dapper groom with an awesome group of friends out, make sure to say hello and congratulate them :) Annemarie and Lawson, we can’t wait to document your day and celebrate with you guys!!