Nina + Tim Venice Beach Florida Wedding

I could get used to weddings on the beach at sunset.

While Nina was getting ready, we were talking about hers and Tim’s big day. She had mentioned when she inquired that they loved coming out here. So I asked if this was something they decided once they got engaged or if they had known. Nina said her dream was to have a wedding on the beach. I know I though it was an incredible day and hope it was everything you two dreamed of and more!

One of my favorite things to do in a wedding blog post is talk about some cool things that the couple did. I hope this inspires future couples to do what makes them happy :) Its also so cool to see how unique everyone makes their day! So right after Nina and Tim said I do on Venice Beach, they exited the ceremony and took a left towards the water. During their ceremony, the officiant had passed around a basket of stones and asked everyone to make a wish/blessing for the newlyweds. Once everyone made it to the water, they threw their stones in! I don’t know if this is a Florida thing or not but I loved it. It was such an awesome way to get everyone involved on their big day AND they were all corralled together for family formals. Its a win win :)

Its always amazing to me how everyone’s day plays out so differently. Nina and Tim were calm and just soaking everything in the whole time. Even when it ended up being the hottest day of the last several days and we needed to take several breaks to sit in the car with the air conditioning on they were just so happy.

You see, Nina and Tim have been together for 10 years. 10 YEARS. They actually met in high school (where we all went!) and have been inseparable ever since. I was so excited to hear they were getting married and then getting to catch up with them, and a few other DeKalb High School Alum at their wedding.

Congrats to Nina and Tim! You two had an incredible beautiful day surrounded by the people who love you in your favorite place. It was magical <3

Nina and Tim soaking up the golden hour after their ceremony.

Nina and Tim soaking up the golden hour after their ceremony.

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