Drew + Ben West Loop Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Session

I was getting a little nervous we weren’t going to be able to do their session because my weather app kept saying it was only going to be 12 degrees out. I knew they were driving a few hours to get to the city for their session so I checked in with Drew to make sure they were still game no matter the temp. They were! And honestly, you’d never know it was so dang cold out by how much fun we were all having. Drew and Ben felt like old friends we were catching up with. I cannot say enough good things about these two and their session! They were up for all my weird and crazy game and ideas. And basically just the freaking cutest couple. We ended their trip with a delicious dinner at Flight Club (which I highly recommend) where we discussed ghost stories. Drew and Ben are my kind of people!

I am even more excited than I already was for their wedding in October! They were gong over some fo the details and I just love how they are staying true to who they are and what they want. Can it be October already??

Chicago Engagement Session