Our Honeymoon in San Diego, California Part One

San Diego California

San Diego

Lex and I are back from our honeymoon! And wishing we had just extended the trip. Now we are back to snowy days and cold temps. SIGH. I am so thankful we were able to run away for the last week and half and explore some amazing parts of the country together! When we first started talking about our honeymoon we had a bunch of places on our list. We love to travel! But after going to Italy last March I knew I wanted some place a little warmer to go. I had mentioned wanting to go to Hawaii so we could see where Jurassic Park was filmed, which is one of my favorite movies. Lex really wanted to go to San Diego. After trying to figure out where to go I thought why not split our trip into 2 parts? You have to layover in California anyway before continuing on to Hawaii so it would work out perfectly!

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Resort. It was an awesome hotel with an incredible view. From all the photos I took from our windows I could have sat there and a just looked the whole time. It wasn’t by anything besides a 5 minute walk to the beach but it was too cold for that. At first we were a little disappointed that we weren’t in walking distance but it ended up being perfect! They had a pool/hot tub, spa, a few great restaurants and just a really nice hotel room. I have stayed in some terrible hotels so I was really happy that the photos online did actually match! We opted to just Uber everywhere while we were in San Diego which ended up working out great. We didn’t have to worry about parking and could walk around as much as we wanted without worrying about where our car was. One night we were talking about the things we had done so far and decided we would definitely come back to this hotel on our next visit.

Hands down the best thing we randomly decided to do was do a trolley tour. This gave us a good idea of all there was to do in San Diego and find out what was most interesting to us. We started the tour in Old Town and immediately knew we needed to explore it more. We loved it so much we went there 3 separate times. I had some of the best nachos ever there. And became obsessed with this little chocolate shop where we got iced chocolate drinks a few times. We are already wanting to go back and just spend the weekend there.

We also spent a good chunk of the day at the zoo! Going to the zoo is one of my absolute favorite things to do so we knew we were going to check out this one. It was ginormous and gorgeous. We had a lunch of champions (rose and Cheetos) and just had a great time walking around. We finished that day with another trip to Old Town where we had more amazing food and did a ghost tour through the same trolley company. This was so awesome! We got another view of the area, heard some great stories, and got to check out a few haunted spots. Apparently one of the most popular parks in San Diego used to be a cemetery. But before turning it into the park they didn’t remove the bodies so there are about 3000 people still buried there. So creepy and fascinating! Our tour guide did a great job.

On our last full day there we explored the Gas Lamp Quarter a little for a late lunch. Everyone had mentioned how awesome this area was and while it was full of food options I wasn’t super into it. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at an Irish Pub and then continued on to the the Seaport Village. We wish we hadn’t eaten until we got there because they had a ton of awesome outdoor eating areas which I am all about and places to get ice cream. Apparently, the village was created by an architect who helped design the Disney parks. Which totally makes sense when you look at it! It also had gorgeous views so it was nice to just walk around.

I would say we spent equal parts exploring and bumming around the hotel. By the time Sunday rolled around I was so sad to be leaving but excited for part two of our trip! Oahu, Hawaii photos coming soon!