Caleen + Ryan Libertyville Independence Grove Winter Wedding

Where do I even begin with Ryan and Caleen? I cannot put into words how truly lucky I feel to have been a part of the last year of their life. These two are some of the best people we have had the privilege of working with and true reminder of why I love my job so freaking much. Seriously, I just want to take a moment to appreciate them and how wonderful they were.

Independence Grove Libertyville Wedding

You may remember them from their engagement session I shared a few weeks ago. I was counting down the days until we returned to Independence Grove for their wedding and it did not disappoint. It was a day full of SO many beautiful moments, sentimental details, and so much love. These are two of the kindest people so you can just imagine what their friends and family were like. The entire day everyone was so just beyond welcoming. It was brought up numerous times just how awesome these two were. They were known for giving selflessly and being there for the people they love. If every Saturday was their wedding I would be so happy :)

Caleen and Ryan love to travel so it was important that it was incorporated into their wedding. On each table they had a frame with a place they have been together with a story on the other side. I think one of the best things you can do with your person is travel. Some of my all time favorite moments with Lex have been during long car rides on our adventures. It was so cool to see how traveling has played such a big part in Caleen and Ryan’s relationship. I hope their love for it only continues to grow!

I also have to point out one for my favorite things to happen was during Caleen’s sisters’ speeches. Sheila and Sarah mentioned that they noticed how in all the photos they have of Ryan, he was always wearing a grey sweater. So they got both Ryan and Caleen matching grey sweaters that they can wear together on their adventures and I about died. How amazing is that?? You know what you like :)

I could go on and on but I will end and let the photos and video speak for themselves. Congratulations to the McGraths!! <3

It is hard to explain just how amazing Mackenzie, Lex, and Zach are! I found them through a wedding website, and am so glad I reached out because working with them has been amazing! One thing you should know is that my husband and I are not exactly the most natural in front of the camera (read SO awkward), yet they made us feel instantly comfortable and we LOVE our photos! From our engagement shoot to the wedding day it felt like I was emailing with a friend and I was so grateful for the suggestions and the detailed planning Mackenzie did. There was never a moment of feeling like we didn’t know what to do. She is also always up for any ideas! From having our incredibly squirrly dog involved in the pictures to being outside in sub-zero weather, they were down! I often read reviews looking for someone to affirm my choice, and if you are reading looking for that, this is it! Seriously, I researched a ton and am SO glad we chose Mackenzie and her team. They made our wedding day that much more special, and we will be forever grateful to them. I will absolutely use them for all future celebrations and moments we want to remember!  - Caleen