De'Airius Founder of Rigo Litter Control Chippewa Woods

De and I ran around the park before the grounds crew even got there one morning. He had sent me a message saying how he started a new company called Rigo Litter Control and needed photos for the website. De is a product developer for US Foods and has created some of my favorite products for Scoop including the Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream. Which is TO DIE FOR.

As we were walking around De explained that he was passionate about keeping the planet clean and it all started one day while he was swimming last summer in Lake Michigan. He usually picks up litter when he is out anyway but one piece of trash in particular caught his eye, a styrofoam cup floating in the water. He knew something needed to be done. From there the desire to keep our earth clean and the idea for the business was born.

I absolutely LOVE meeting up and discussing goals, business plans, and our passions with other entrepreneurs. I was so impressed that he not only works on creating delicious food products for US Foods but he is also working towards this business as well. De mentioned he liked to have his hands in multiple things so there may be more he is working towards! I am so excited to see all that this company can do :)

If you are in the need for residential and commercial property clean up, definitely check out Rigo Litter Control.

You will find that not only are we passionate about helping to revitalize Chicago, but we also take pride in knowing that our work helps to decrease the amount of litter that ends up in our sewers, which ultimately lead to the Gulf of Mexico. Such litter not only creates an eyesore along our world’s shorelines, but it also can lead to damage of marine habitat and wildlife harm via entanglement and ingestion. There is no better way to show our appreciation to Mother Nature than to take responsibility and accountability for our actions, and willingly and systematically help to maintain its components.